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(((With Sound)))
Let it be known that the roar of raging fire stares deep into the flimsy throne of the hypocrite and their imperious need to substitute true perceptive depth with a display of superficial righteousness. And that Satan's children are on the front line armed with logic and triumpant mockery of the true "evils". The anti-life pestilence that butchered Pagan witches during the burning times and invaded..raped..slaughtered and pillaged for 300 years during the crusades and to this day remain as such all in the name of man-made "gods" that have diluted societies.

Let the brothers and sisters of the old path forget not...the abhorring reality that was and is being unleashed against us by the pious. PRIDE in humanity was flourishing thousands of years before the swords of Christianity and Islam appeared with their thirst for tyranny and aggressive need to twist truth which is becoming more apparent as each day passes in full view of the eyes of the world. Natural celebration for LIFE has been substituted by empty promises of a better one by charlatans & rogues and their cunning interest in that which rots. Let loose your hanging symbols of death. SLAVE NO MORE! Your heros are the slimy ghosts of eventual decadence.

It is time for intelligent people of likeness to pull their heads out of the sand ... and realize that the enemy is not of each other...but of the crooked cross and ALL radical fundamental religion. All must understand the strength of numbers and not be distracted by pettiness and sloth. As wolves hunt in packs for the well being of the whole...the shall there be new understandings among us! Satanists are specialized Pagans who choose to bring unnatural ideals to light and fight back against the darkness of GI Jesus..the sword wielding MohamMAD and ALL political liars past and present!  East & West. North & South. There is no love when worlds collide!

The natural state of humankind has been cherished and called by many names through out time. Set...Lucifer..Odin..Goddess..Pan...Satan. However now...many have chosen to be lead by illusion. FundaMENTAL religionists through deceit and self-interests changed this natural state to an "evil" entity because fear of their "God" was not enough to maintain control over their herd. SATANIST'S KEEP THE NAME AND IMAGES AS MOCKERY OF THEIR ANTI-LIFE..... RIDICULOUS INSANITY!  All wo/men are created equal merely in words.  And many of the lesser stray and further become weakened and frustrated by the empty promises of blind faith.
The weak...botched and cerebral dead shall perish. First principle of our charity...and one should help them to it. Comforting those that stand in direct opposition is nothing short of vile.

What is "Good"?  Whatever arises from strength...power...truth and knowledge.
What is "Evil"?  Whatever springs from weakness...falsehoods...absence of knowledge and mental sloth.
Wiccan?  A feminist Christling with a pointy hat and broom.
Sin?  The denial of will.
"The Great Fall of Man"? Political nonsense! Humankind was born into a natural scheme.
And it's quite possibly a misconception that Satanist's don't believe in GOD. Just not YOUR abused... jaded...faded and washed-up hypocritical concoctions of fantasy.

All "HOLY WORKS" are twisted...manipulating and edited instruments helping create a
mentally stagnant race of socially stratified slaves governed by those already in power..Church and State. Under unnatural religion...nothing has any point of contact with actuality...and has many misunderstandings of self. "God" as an onlooker..."God" as good..."God" as judgement.
A spider and spinner of botched reality. In him...war is declared on life itself. In him...
nothingness is deified...and the will to nothingness...pronounced Holy.  *Viae Victus*

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Disclaimer: There is nothing on this web-site that advocates breaking the law. If you are mentally unbalanced try somewhere else. To many have already cloaked
                                       themselves behind Satanism after they screw up. Lay the responsibility on yourself. We refuse to accept it!
Time For Logic...Science...Nature...Intuition...Self Evolution
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Even the "gods" of which you speak from your pious books showed their wrath through plague and death...almost with a passion of pride."God"...the great punisher of those he loves.Your books are so full of twisted contradictions it would even lead intelligent wo/men mad once consumed. Your religions have fear for roots...lies and chaos for limbs and chains for leaves. Your just reward ye that would FALL to faith. I know not of such "god" other than the fabrications and delusions of the dangerously insane. *9*
    Priest *9*
Founder SOE
Wayne Kelskey

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